Description of the Project

Art education in general, and the visual arts in particular, is part of the humanistic culture necessary for the development and social integration of students and young people of all countries. Often, even if included in the official program, this course is sacrificed or devalued in favor of lessons judged more necessary or more important as learning mother and foreign languages, as well as science and mathematics.
It will therefore be with this project, to give or restore the visual arts education a full role in the education of our future citizens through the following objectives:
At the student level:
1) Allow all participating students to acquire or develop real skills in the visual arts:
- Recognize and distinguish various types of artwork;
- Identify and describe visual works previously studied, to express emotions, preferences...
- Know and share artistic and cultural elements from several countries and constitute an artistic culture;
- Experiment and practice various forms of visual and plastic expressions.
2) Allow struggling students and school leavers, through innovative, dynamic activities, more oriented towards cooperation, group work, manual productions. to reconcile with the school and find the desire to learn.
Level teaching teams :
3) Give teams partner institutions, innovative teaching tools, built and experienced together through observation, exchange and confrontation concrete practices to promote and stimulate the teaching of the visual arts :
- an educational booklet in paper form and available for consultation / download platform for exchange or dedicated website presenting the achievements and experiments conducted during the project (purpose, materials, resources, sequences of class, student achievement, evaluation...)
- a slide show on DVD and available for consultation / download platform for exchange or dedicated website, with artists, artistic achievements , events, student productions... in the environment or belonging to national heritages of each partner in the areas studied.
4) Used in the classes involved in the project the transversal nature of teaching visual arts to enrich and serve other lessons:
- the practice of mother language (reading, vocabulary, writing output...) and foreign languages ​​such as English and German (communication, diffusion...)
- learning and practice of digital skills (ICT);
- access to the initiative, autonomy and the dynamics of the project.

The project based on both the reality of practices by teachers in the classroom and on their analysis (experimentation , observation, reflection) as well as the students put into learning situation and acquisition of skills, mobility of teaching and learning study aimed to change our practices and to enrich the knowledge and skills of students included in the official programs in the field of visual arts, will be conducted in each of the partner institutions at both professors students.


Every Child is An Artist

Pablo Picasso

Necip DURAK 2014

We are Europans

Breath together and live friendly E.C.H.I.L.D.A.R.T We can do good job together.

Necip DURAK 2014

Think like Europeans

Breath together and live friendly E.C.H.I.L.D.A.R.T We can do good job together.